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Provident Funds 'Might Still Beat Other Fixed Income Instruments'


The employer's contribution towards the employee's salary stands at only 3.67 per cent.

Credit Sudhaar Undertakes School Digitization Under its CSR


Technology has become an integral part of life and knowledge of basic computer management and internet can go a long way in improving the productivity in every field. “Not only does the availability of systems and internet helps boost knowledge and produc

Should you use your credit card to build credit history?


We ask the experts if career beginners still need to use their credit card to build a credit history

Debit vs Credit Card: Are debit cards necessarily better than credit cards? Find out


Debit cards are often rated over credit cards, while some vouch for the benefits the credit card carries over the debit card. So, what does it mean to the individual card holders?

How many credit cards do you need?


One, two or half a dozen? It depends on your spending patterns and lifestyle. But experts say, with other methods of digital payment evolving, one card is enough

The importance of credit scores


Recently, a customer in Chennai was refused loan by a bank despite having a good repayment track record, due to an error in his credit score.

Planning To Lend Via P2P Platforms? Know These Five Associated Risk


P2P platform only is a facilitator to manifest contact between a lender and a borrower

How to take a bank loan while working for a blacklisted employer: Your problem solved, here’s how


What happens when a company gets blacklisted? Will the employees have access to credit or will they get declined despite having good credit scores and salaries?

Buying a home? Here is how to avoid being cheated by builder; 10 power points that may save your life’s earnings


In view of some recent developments in the real estate sector, buying a home has become risky these days. Here's what you need to do before buying a flat.

Do you need that festive deal on loans?


Even with so many loan offers, you can still bargain with the bank. Also, regardless of discounts, avoid impulse shopping and don’t buy what you don’t need

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