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If we don't act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victims of identity theft.

1 in 3 individuals is a victim of some form of online fraud.

Don't wait to be a victim! Protect your data. Prevent id theft!

Identity Theft
Identity Theft

Identity Theft Solutions Features:

Personal Data Protection
How it works?

ID Monitor’s algorithms look for use of your personal information (including sensitive information such as your PAN and Aadhaar numbers) with the help of proprietary technology and alert you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity.

Regular updates will alert you on your browsing risk levels along with critical risk actions to be taken immediately.

You may choose to act on an alert or just ‘Ignore’ it if you are comfortable with the data being present at that site.

A simple, easy to follow dashboard is available on the wall that would highlight the following:

  • Current online risk level
  • Easy access to the ‘Manage Data Monitor’ area from the dashboard to update personal details
  • View all alerts and notifications with detailed URL on data location (with the option to ignore in the future)
Public Web & Dark Web Monitoring
What can be found?
  • Scans Public Web and Dark Web Monitoring
  • Scans and Alerts for sensitive information like Passport, Aadhaar Number and PAN number
  • Scans for Financial details such as Credit/Debit Cards and bank account details
  • Scans for Addresses
  • Scans Email Addresses and Phone Numbers
Identity Theft Insurance up to 5 lacs*

If your money is stolen due to ID theft, ID Monitor will reimburse up to Rs. 5 lacs* including actual losses and applicable expenses

Features of the Identity Theft Cover?

With this insurance cover, you get coverage towards:

  • unique card insurance solutions that cover any loss or liability that may arise due to misuse of your identity or payment cards.
  • Expenses resulting from your efforts to resolve the identity theft.
  • Expenses that get covered are reasonable legal expenses, lost wages, Obligation to pay and miscellaneous expenses like cost of refilling of application for credit accounts or banking accounts, cost of notarizing documents.
Monthly Credit Reports and Trend Analysis

A simple, easy to follow dashboard is available on the wall with trend analysis for quick review ID Monitor provides you access to your credit reports helping you track changes to your credit profile and thereby helping you to detect any misuse of your credit profile by identity thieves

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