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Please call us on +91 22 6179 7000 for any assistance.

  Once I take a package from Credit Sudhaar, how will I communicate with you?

Our trained counselors are available every working day to take your queries. In addition, you will be able to access all of your information on your personalized wall through Credit Sudhaar account. You can access your account through the website with your personalized and secure login ID and password.

  What is CIBIL?

CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) is the first credit bureau to get established in India. Apart from CIBIL, there are three more bureaus that have been approved by the Reserve Bank of India. These are Equifax, Experian and Crif Highmark.

The data available with each of these credit bureaus is same and all of them score an individual on credit worthiness on the scale of 300 to 900.

A recent circular from RBI mandates all lenders to share even the historic data with all four bureaus which will lead to complete data parity among the bureaus in India.

  What is Credit Sudhaar?

Credit Sudhaar was founded in 2010 and has helped thousands of clients to hold their heads high as proud members of the community of Credit Healthy individuals.

Credit Sudhaar is run by credit professionals who have decades of experience in Credit Analytics and Credit Research.

In India, credit reports are used for loan approvals, credit card approvals, account opening, new job approval. Even telecom and insurance companies are likely to shortly start to upload data on the credit bureau. Interest rates, credit card and loan approvals, telephone connections, insurance premia, rentals and even job applications could be contingent on your personal credit score.

The Company's vision is to Restore, Enhance and Protect a person's credit through various stages of the credit life cycle.

  Who are the promoters of Credit Sudhaar?

Mr Arun Ramamurthy & Mr Gaurav Wadhwani are the promoters of the company. Both are management graduates as well as banking professionals. It is with their decades of expertise; Credit Sudhaar was visualized & founded. Click Here, to know more about the promoters.

  Are you approved by the RBI?

Credit Sudhaar Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Sudhaar Finance which is registered as an NBFC with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

  How many Clients has Credit Sudhaar helped in score improvement?

Credit Sudhaar has helped 1131285 clients in 253 cities across India to RESTORE, ENHANCE & PROTECT their Credit. Our clients continue to be benefited through good credit health and save money. Click Here to see what some clients have to say about Credit Sudhaar.

  Will Credit Sudhaar lend me money?

Credit Sudhaar Finance Pvt Ltd (erstwhile Dipran Finance Pvt Ltd) is a 14 year old company. It lends to individuals using a unique Credit Enhancer program.

The Credit Enhancer product from Credit Sudhaar Finance lends to individuals who have the ability to repay but have no or poor track records from the past. This program helps them build credit track record. A poor track record or no track record is often viewed less favorably by lenders as lenders like to see a proven track record establishing credibility.

  Are you a collection agency?

No. We are not a collection agency. Our team of expert Debt Experts is constantly in touch with the decision makers at your creditors and since we deal with them all the time, they trust us to confer in good faith to extend the best solution for reconciliation of impaired accounts.

  Why should I enroll in Credit Sudhaar's program?

An experienced professional like you understands that the credit bureau will play an ever increasing role in everyday decisions ranging from loans to credit cards to even your job application.

  • Have you seen a copy of your credit report?
  • It is common to have errors in these reports.
  • Do you revolve on your credit card?
  • How old are your credit relations?
  • What is the debt service coverage ratio?
  • What is the ratio of secured to unsecured trade lines?

As you will no doubt understand, most of the aspects covered above are technical in nature and require a certified counselor's attention and review.

Our team of trained and certified counselors will provide you with your Credit Health Report, and then completely analyze your credit report and organize a step by step plan to increase your credit health. Then we, on your behalf, will pursue each step to resolve each of your credit issues to increase your credit health to as high a level as possible.

Improving your credit health will enable you to save lakhs of rupees in interest as banks will be willing to offer you credit facilities at lower rates of interest.

  Can Credit Sudhaar's program help me to save money?

Yes. Being Credit Healthy is the means to being Wealthy. Let's take a real world example of two individuals who take identical housing loans of 50 lakhs each. One has a credit score of 800 while the other has a score of 650. The one who has a score of 650 is likely to pay a higher rate of interest to the bank. Indeed, the additional interest outflow for the person with the score of 650 as mentioned in the above example could be upwards of 15 lakhs! Our structured programs will help to make you credit healthy so that you save lakhs of rupees in interest on all types of loans that you will take from financial institutions.

  What does it cost to enroll in Credit Health Plan?

Credit Sudhaar offers three programs, Platinum, Titanium and Ultimate to suit varied customer needs.

Platinum is a base level program and costs Rs 12,500 + ST

Titanium plan also extends various tools that help in achieving credit and financial goals. It costs Rs 16,500 + ST

The Ultimate Premium Lane plan offers a comprehensive bouquet of credit counseling, credit health improvement modules, access to dedicated loan helpdesk and state of the art protection products which take care of your daily credit worries. It costs Rs 22,500 + ST. Premium Lane service also entitle you to preferential access to a Senior Counselor who will spare no effort in attending to your requirements. The service also gives access to benefits like Debt Consolidation and Credit Monitoring.

  Will I get a loan once I enroll?

Being able to access credit facilities is central to our structured counseling modules. Our credit health improvement program is a managed program that allows you to improve your credit over a period of time. Our structured program will help you, over a period of time, to access credit facilities from a position of strength and on favorable terms.

  How long does the program take to take effect?

Similar to your physical health, the credit health can get built over a period of time. Credit history has a rolling effect. It takes years to build destructive credit, so it will take years to rebuild it. However, this does not mean that it will take a year to see any improvement in your credit health.

The key to achieving the objective is to be consistent in efforts required to be put in on the advice received from our credit experts. Over the period of 9 months of our membership, you should be able to note changes on your credit health.

The best news is that you have made the decision to take the first steps and to correct a problem. The magnitude of the problem(s) and the goal(s) that you would like to achieve are relative to the length of time in accomplishing your goal. We will consult and advise you on this once your unique circumstances are discussed by our trained and certified counselors.

  Why is Credit Sudhaar fee charged in advance?

We firmly believe that following our managed programs will enable you, over a period of time, to access credit facilities on favorable terms saving you lakhs in fees and interest outflow. The annual fee paid to us is nominal in comparison to the money that you could save by enrolling in our programs and improving your credit health.

  Can Credit Sudhaar repair my credit rating with Credit Bureaus?

Yes. We are here to help build your credit for the long term and help you understand how credit works. In the end, our goal is to help you obtain the highest credit score possible and maintain it. We are a company that provides you with your Credit Health Report, and then completely analyzes your credit report and organizes a step by step plan to increase your credit health. Then we, on your behalf, pursue each step to resolve each of your credit issues to increase your credit score as high as possible.

  Why shouldn't I choose bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is usually a last resort because it has long-term negative implications. Moreover, it is not an easily available option for an individual in India. In the event of bankruptcy, your assets are sold off to repay your debts. You would lose many of your possessions and your credit will be so damaged that you may never recover it.

  Can you stop collection agency calls?

We encourage you to be up to date on your payments and taking steps to pay off your debt. Under these circumstances, collection agencies will have no need to contact you. Depending on the circumstances, we will work jointly with you and your creditors to ensure that all interactions on the part of creditors adhere to a strict regulatory code of conduct.

  What if I do not have money to repay my delinquent account?

While repayment of delinquent accounts is as important as your intention and willingness to improve your credit worthiness, it does not mean that you need to pay immediately. More importantly, your counselor and the debt management desk shall be able to assist you on this front through various processes and programs. Starting from delineating a step by step

  How can I benefit from Credit Sudhaar loan desk?

Credit Sudhaar loan desk follows a highly evolved process to choose the right loan product for you. It takes into account you current financials, current and past credit history apart from other critical parameters to propose to you the right product. You can derive following critical benefits from Credit Sudhaar loan desk:

  1. Speedier process of loan and availability of funds for your use
  2. Getting the best possible rate of interest that will lead to enormous savings and reducing the EMI burden
  Can Credit Sudhaar help in getting loans at low interest rates?

The underwriting decisions of any lender are grossly impacted by the credit profile of the borrower. Credit Sudhaar loan help desk takes into account all relevant details reviewed by the banks for assessing worthiness of the loan application including your credit profile so that you are able to get loan from among score of lenders at best possible rates.

  How can Credit Sudhaar help me achieve my financial objectives?

Credit is an integral part of our financial lives today. From getting finance for a car or buying a house to having access to funds to expand business ventures, availability of credit is critical. Credit Sudhaar helps you manage your credit health and in turn have access to loans at lowest possible rates. This in turn, will help you achieving your financial objectives in both short and long term.

  I have not received my CIBIL report?

The details made available to you by Credit Sudhaar are the ones that are captured by the Credit Bureau. Four credit bureaus operate in India under license from the Reserve Bank of India. All of them capture the data from all the lenders and derive a credit score based on this data between a range of 300 to 900.

  Score given by Credit Sudhaar is different from the CIBIL report I had pulled out myself?

Credit Score is outcome of various parameters that take into account credit activities being reported by the lenders. Since the credit activities keep changing the credit scores change. Also, the variation could be on account of the report provided from a bureau other than CIBIL. Four credit bureaus operate in India viz. CIBIL, Equifax, Experian and Crif Highmark. While all of them give scores ranging from 300 – 900, the difference in algorithms can lead to some variation in score reflecting on your report.

  I am unable to login to my account?

In case, you have forgotten your password, kindly refer to the self help question on same. In case you are facing any other difficulty, kindly intimate us through email by writing to or call on +91 22 6788 6788

  I have forgotten my password?

You can now also log in by requesting a OTP (one time password) that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

For retrieving a password, please follow the following steps:

  1. Click on forgotten password
  2. A mail for resetting the password will be sent to your registered email id
  3. Reset the password
  4. You will be automatically directed to your wall as soon as the password is reset
  I am unable to see my credit bureau report on the wall?

Your wall contains all the information pertaining to your credit report in an easy to understand format. Request you to please view the “Credit Health Report” tab of your wall. Since the credit report is technical and nature and deciphering it can be taxing, we have explained the report in detail through graphs and color coding.

  I had applied for the free report but have not received it?

Credit Sudhaar will not send you the report through mail. Given the sensitive nature of the data, all information captured on your credit report is captured on your wall which is password protected. Not only this, the details on report are explained in a easy to understand format for our customers through various graphs and color codes. You can access your wall by logging into your account through Credit Sudhaar website.

  I have changed my email id, how can I update it in Credit Sudhaar records?

In case you decide to change the email id, you are requested to send us a mail from your current registered id requesting for change. The mail should be sent to

How does a Credit Report impact my access to loan?

Data available on your credit report forms a highly important part of the underwriting decision.

  How can I obtain a free credit report in India?

You can now obtain a free credit report by visiting the site It is very easy and takes only few minutes before you would have access to data captured by credit bureau.

  How do I obtain a free CIBIL score?

There are four credit bureaus in India and all of them provide a report and score at a cost. But, under the freescoreindia initiative of Credit Sudhaar, one can obtain free credit score by logging into

  How is CIBIL score different from credit score?

There is not difference between a CIBIL score and a Credit Score. Being the first bureau in India, the CIBIL scores are colloquially referred to as CIBIL score.

  Is it true that a free credit report and free credit score is given by credit bureaus in other countries?

Yes, it is true that in certain countries, it is a regulatory obligation to extend one free credit report to the individuals by credit bureaus. However, there is no such obligation in India. One has to pay an amount of up to Rs 550 to obtain a credit report.

But one can acquire his/her actual free credit report and free credit score in minutes through

  A personal loan that I never applied for is reflecting in my CIBIL report. What should I do?

As per our study one of four reports have errors and can have a damaging effect on credit health. There is a possibility that the personal loan or any other credit facility that you never applied for may reflect on your report. This could be on account of two reasons. First, error in mapping a trade line and second on account of “Identity Theft”. While an additional account reflecting on your report can severely impair the credit score, in case you have been a victim of Identity Theft, it can have far reaching consequences on your finances.

If you have identified any such instance, you are recommended to get in touch with Credit Sudhaar immediately.

  Will I be able to improve credit score if I enroll in a credit health plan?

The objective of enrolling into a credit health plan is to achieve good credit health that is detonated by three digit credit score. On following the advises rendered by your counselor, you shall be able to improve credit scores.

  What is Free Score India?

Free Score India is an initiative taken by Credit Sudhaar directed towards building a credit healthy India. Under this unique initiative, a free credit report and a free credit score is offered to any Indian national.

Another reason to offer free credit report and free credit score is to bring parity between Indian consumers and consumers in other countries where they can access their credit report free of cost from credit bureaus once every year.

  How are Credit Sudhaar Services and Credit Sudhaar Finance related?

Credit Sudhaar Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Sudhaar Finance.

  What is the process on refund of credit health plan fee?

Our certified counselors leave no stone unturned to deliver what is committed. However, the improvement of credit health is also dependent upon the steps taken by you and the diligent follow up on the recommendations made by your counselor. We are confident that following the recommendations will facilitate creating better credit health and hence we do not have a refund policy.

  How do I get in touch with my counselor?

Your counselor shall regularly be in touch with you. S/he shall be firming up appointments way in advance for you to plan and schedule your time. However, in case you still wish to get in touch with your customer, you can do so with ease through following:

  • Just leave a message on your wall for your counselor and s/he will call you back
  • Send an email
  • Call on +91 22 6788 6788 and ask for your counselor. In case your counselor is unavailable on account of serving some other client, the message will be passed on and you will be receiving a call
  What are Credit Sudhaar's T&Cs?

The terms and conditions help in defining the scope of delivery and facilitate better outcome of the service contract. To access details on this please follow the link Credit Sudhaar T&Cs

  How do the personalized offers that reflect on my wall selected?

The personalized offers are an outcome of our complex decision engine that runs in background to pick up the best offers matching your credit profile, financial status apart from personal details. These offers are selected from host of products that are available from various lenders. The offers being shown to you shall help you get access to best products and save money.

  How is the credit information given by credit bureaus used by banks?

The credit information given by the credit bureaus forms a critical part of the underwriting process. A lender may even decide to not even review the credit request in case the credit information does not match its internal criterion.

  Why has my home loan application declined even when I have a good CIBIL score?

Decision on home loan or any other loan like personal loan, car loan etc, is not just an outcome of the credit score. The underwriters also take into account various data points available on the credit report. Predominantly following factors may lead to decline of the loan request:

  • Bad credit history (a person may have a good credit score despite an impairment reflecting on the credit report)
  • Debt to burden ratio. Meaning the capacity of an individual to service the loan obligations
  • Property for which the loan is being taken or is being put up as collateral, itself also could be the reason for decline

Credit Sudhaar’s loan desk can give a definite solution to the first reasons that are the major cause of such declined applications.

  What is the difference between a secured credit card and a regular credit card?

A secured credit card is issued against lien of a fixed deposit. A limit of up to 80% of the fixed deposit amount may get extended as the credit limit. A regular credit card is issued based on the financial, credit and overall profile of the applicant.

Other than that, there is no other difference. The benefits and usage available to card holder is same under both the programs.

  By what time my credit score will get improve?

Credit health is akin to one’s physical health. Just like the physical health cannot be built overnight, the credit health that is depicted by the credit score, does not improve immediately. There are two factors that can impact the time frame taken to restore the credit score. First, the gravity of past defaults and second, how seriously you follow the advice extended by your counselor. The efforts on score improvement can start showing results as early as a few weeks as well if the recommendations are ensued.

  How does Social credit score impact underwriting decision of a loan?

Most of us have a virtual life today. From connecting socially to undertaking online transactions, our scope of virtual presence is growing. Just like our activities in real world impact our status and credibility, our activities in the virtual world also impact our societal standing and reliability. The social credit score portrays the trustworthiness that we carry taking into account various social parameters.

The lenders across the globe keep introducing new factors in the evaluation of loan applications to avoid defaults as far as possible. The social credit score is one of the new factors that have started impacting the underwriting decisions.

  Apart from Lender's which other Institutes checks the credit score?

Apart from lenders, following entities are authorized to check the credit report and credit score:

  1. an insurance company as defined in the Insurance Act, 1938 and registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority;
  2. a company providing cellular or phone services and registered with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India;
  3. a credit rating agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India;
  4. a stock broker as defined in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Stock Brokers and Sub-Brokers) Regulations 1992 and registered under section 12 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992
  5. a trading member registered with a recognized commodity exchange;
  6. the Securities Exchange Board of India; and
  7. the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
  As your office is only at selected location how can I trust Credit Sudhaar?

Since it’s inception in 2010, Credit Sudhaar has helped over 500,000 individuals in various forms on credit related services. Our clients today are located in 253 cities across the country which is a testimony to our customer service orientation.

Our process entails servicing clients online, at the convenience of their office or residence. You would not be required to meet anyone in person and thus saving on precious time. Our evolved processes will keep you updated on all the progress through your personal wall which can be accessed through your password protected account on Credit Sudhaar website.

  There are negative reviews of Credit Sudhaar?

We are a customer centric organization and leave no effort that would make our clients satisfied. We even have an internal ombudsman to take care of the processes and continued endeavor to improve the processes. It is on account of our highly professional and customer centric approach that we have received innumerable positive and happy reviews from our satisfied customers across various platform. We would like to reiterate that we take pride in our processes and our commitment to our clients and in the event of any dissatisfaction will take all necessary steps required to fulfill our responsibilities.

  How is Credit Sudhaar different from other competitors?

Credit Sudhaar has not only invested considerably to enhance the customer experience in receiving the services but more importantly creating tools for accurate assessment and tools for our clients to use and arrive at a logical conclusion. Our focus on extending services that are scientific and credible is what makes us stand apart.

Our counselors undergo an exhaustive certification process that gives them the edge to evaluate and interpret the credit standing accurately. These certified counselors are then able to extend precise guidance for enhancing and managing one’s credit health.

  Why Credit Sudhaar's price is higher than competitors?

We have a wide product range to suite various needs of our clients. Our credit health improvement plad services start for as low as 4,999 (plus taxes as applicable)

  OTP not received for Free score India mobile validation. How do I proceed?

While we send the OTP immediately, depending upon the service provider that you are using, it may take up to 2-3 minutes for OTP to reach you. The same is valid for 10 minutes. In the event of not receiving the same, you are requested to generate the code again by clicking on “Click here to get code again”

  Why it is necessary to answer so many questions in Free Score India journey?

The details being requested are important for us to extend best possible solution to your needs. Therefore you are requested to please fill up complete journey. It shall not take you more than a few minutes but this little investment on time will help your cause.

  What are the essential requirements of an education loan?

Following are the requirements of an education loan:

  • Applicant has to be a resident Indian
  • Age to be between 16-35 years
  • A collateral is mandatory in case the loan amount is higher than 7.5L
  • For all full time programs, co- applicant (generally a parent)is mandatory
  • Document requirement
    • KYC
    • Income documents
    • Admission documents
  I have been a good paymaster of my home loan, but still the balance transfer is getting rejected. Why?

Ideally, your request for balance transfer should not get rejected in case you have been a good paymaster of your loan EMIs. In case, your requests are getting rejected, it is highly advisable that you should not apply with any other lender since the rejections not only reflect poorly on your credit report but can adversely impact your credit scores as well.

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