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Free CIBIL Score Queries

Free CIBIL Score is a privilege that has been granted by the Reserve Bank of India. The central bank mandates all bureaus in India to extend the report to all individuals. It means that every person can obtain his CIBIL report without any cost.

How can I get Free CIBIL Score?

All that you would be required to do is follow the following three steps to be access your free CIBIL Score.

  • Create an account on CIBIL website
  • Enter your personal details
  • Verify your identity

Once you have verified your identity successfully, you would receive you would be able to view your report.

I am unable to understand the report. What do I do?

The credit report is slightly technical and if you are viewing it for the first time, you may not be able to understand it completely. There are three major segments in any bureaus’ report:

  • Personal details – These carry your name, date of birth, addresses, contact numbers, identification document details like passport number, license number etc that you would have furnished to any lender while applying for a credit facility
  • Trade line details – This segment captures historic details of all debt accounts that you would have had taken. Any form of loan, advance or credit card issued by any lending institution would be part of the report. This carries details like the lending institution name, type of facility or loan, date of disbursal, closure date, rate of interest etc. More importantly, it carries the repayment details of last 36 months and the current status
  • The third segment displays the details on all the inquiries that any bank or NBFC would have run on the bureau

You must go through all the details and check if the same are correct. In case you find it difficult then you can also seek help of a professional. At Credit Sudhaar we not only give you a free credit report but also extend an in depth analysis of where you stand against the factors that impact your

My report has errors. What should I do?

As per our study one of four reports have errors and the same can be the reason for a low credit score. This issue must be addressed on priority since it can lead to non-availability of credit facilities. In case you observe any error like additional PAN number, a credit facility that was never by you or the repayment not updated correctly, then you must immediately report it to the credit bureau and the concerned bank.

My report does not have any score

The CIBIL score is an outcome of the existing and past credit facilities that you would have taken. The number of loans, type of loans, the age of the existing tradelines, your repayment patterns etc impact the credit score. The report can become a NO HIT (one which does not have any credit score) if you are new to credit and do not have history or in case there is an issue on the data getting mapped to you.

What is bad credit score?

The credit score in India ranges from 300 to 900. While a score of 750 and above is deemed to be good, a score between 700 to 750 is deemed to be fine. Any score below that can be termed as bad credit score since the chances of getting a loan below the score of 700 are substantially low.

Can I improve CIBIL score?

Simple answer to this is YES. You can definitely work upon improving your credit profile. A systematic approach needs to be followed to achieve this objective. It is a time consuming process and may take a few months but if the counselors’ advice is followed then it may even be achieved faster.

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