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DHFL Home Loans

DHFL (or Dewan Housing Finance Limited) since its inception has been working with a focus to be able to provide Indians with the funds to purchase their dream home. The Company endeavours to provide housing loans to the middle and lower income class section of society, both in the semi-urban and rural parts of India, to enable their dreams.

Since Company inception in 1984, DHFL now occupies the position of being one of the largest housing finance companies (HFCs) in the country, and has the distinction of being the second largest in the private sector.

Company brief

DHFL offers home loans to borrowers through its extensive branch network, which includes products targeted at resident Indians as well as non-resident Indians (or NRIs).

In addition to home loans, DHFL also has a wholly-owned subsidiary company, i.e. DHFL Advisory and Investments Pvt. Ltd. It also holds stakes in DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance, DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers Pvt. Ltd. and DHFL Pramerica Trustees Pvt. Ltd. DHFL also offers fixed deposits as part of its bouquet of product offerings.

What sets them apart?

DHFL offers home loans with the aim of making owing a home a distinct reality, and hence caters to individuals across the financial spectrum. With several options to choose from and a responsive help and support team, this Company has been constantly evolving.

Geographic spread

DHFL while headquartered in Mumbai’s central business district, operates out of 349 branches across India, in addition to having tie-ups for distribution with banks and other financial institutions countrywide that include the United Bank of India and YES Bank.

For its NRI client base, DHFL boasts of representative offices in London (UK) and Dubai. The London office caters to the large NRI population in the United States as well.

DHFL Home Loans Product information

DHFL offers a variety of home loans to borrowers, depending upon the requirement. Let us take a look at the home loan products available:

  • Home purchase loan, which includes finance for both new homes as well as resale (or pre-owned) properties.
  • Home construction loan, which is to help individuals finance their requirements towards construction of a new home.
  • Home extension loan, which is a loan product designed to benefit those individuals looking to expand their home, for instance adding an extra room or an additional floor to an existing property.
  • Home improvement loan, which can be availed of should you wish to renovate or refurbish your home. This loan includes soft furnishings as well as things like a paint job.
  • Land purchase loan, a product designed for those borrowers who wish to purchase land either to construct a home or merely buy as an investment option.
  • Plot loans, which is targeted at those individuals who wish to purchase non-agricultural plots of land within the country.
  • Home loan transfer, which is essentially a balance transfer facility to move an existing loan to DHFL.

In addition DHFL also caters to non-resident Indians with a selection of housing loan product offerings that allow them to avail of finance even when overseas. Making these loans not just hassle-free in terms of documentation and related paperwork, what sweetens the deal is that these loans can be customized as per the borrower’s requirement. This includes flexible repayment options that the customer can choose from, depending on what suits them the best.

Loan application process

To ensure that they offer the best in class service and convenience to borrowers, DHFL home loans extend the option of applying the loan either at a branch (closest to you) or even online, following which a Company representative would guide you through the process.

For existing loan account holders, there is online account access that allows you to transact at your convenience.

Company financials

As per data published by DHFL, the unaudited financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2016, the revenue from Operations was Rs. 1,95,828 lacs, while the profit before tax was Rs. 30,290 lacs and the net profit after tax was Rs. 20,140 lacs.

The housing loans sanctioned were up by 12 percent for the quarter ended June 30, 2016, and disbursements showed an increase of 26 percent, clearly indicating a growth in business.

Additional information

DHFL has grown steadily over the years and is regarded as being among the top housing finance companies in India, and continues to show a year-on-year growth.

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