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CS Identity Shield

Anyone can be a victim of Identity Theft. Identity theft happens when a fraudster is able to access critical data like name, address, personal details or important documents and uses these for financial gains. Generally, the victim does not get to realize till long about the financial fraud.

The risk of identity theft is magnified several times over with the use of the internet.

According to National Crime Record Bureau (NDRB), the crime related to identity theft and other cybercrimes are growing at a spiraling rate of over 60% on year on year basis.

Why Indians are a softer target of Cyber Crimes and Identity Theft

  • The lack of awareness about cybercrimes
  • Lack of tools and guidance
  • Inadequate cyber crime laws

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Validity : 12 months

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Credit Monitoring Individuals are exposed to various online and offline frauds. These perils can have a serious implication on the financial wellbeing. Since little can be done to stop the unknown fraudsters from trying to cheat, keep a watch on activities on your credit report through Credit Monitoring.
Identity Theft Protection Identity theft is the fastest growing online crime in world. Given that the cyber laws are not very effective in India, the Indian populace on internet is highly exposed to this peril. As per NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) Cyber Crimes in India are growing at 60% yoy basis. The protection shall help the customer cover against this peril to the extent of Rs 200,000 per annum
Identity Theft Help Desk Awareness on what needs to be done shall be available over a call. Our expert guidance shall help him take necessary actions to avoid becoming victim of Identity Theft/Cyber Crime/Financial Fraud. More importantly, will help in taking corrective measures in case you do get exposed to such instance
Free Credit Bureau Reports Credit health is as important as physical health. Free credit bureau reports shall help the customer keep a track on this credit health and credit scores
Social Credit Score Social Credit Score are being increasingly used by lenders across the world in conjunction with regular credit scores to take lending decisions. An exposure to the SCS shall help customer to be aware on how he fairs against it. The customer shall be able to extract the score multiple times during the tenor of his subscription
Online Tools and Resources Various online tools and resources available on dedicated wall shall help the customer keep a track on his financial well-being, managing money in systematic and organized manner and more importantly getting the best offers available brought to him by Credit Sudhaar. This shall further augment savings
Dedicated Loan Desk Getting loan advisory based on credit profile and current credit health shall help the customer in getting loan at best possible rates from among the numerous lending institutions. Timely disbursal while shall help him get the funds at time he needs and at the best possible rate. This will lead to savings in interest over the loan term. Speedy disbursal shall help him meet the requirement
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